Silke Mader

Silke Mader

Chairwoman and founding member of EFCNI, Germany

Silke Mader has been a passionate and influential advocate for maternal and newborn health for over 25 years. As a former patient with HELLP syndrome and mother of preterm babies at week 25 (twin boy survived at 515 grams, twin girl deceased), she built on all of her personal experience to improve care for parents, preterm babies and sick newborns. Care that hardly existed at the time. She knows from her own experience that a strong partnership between health professionals and parents is the best way to face the emotional roller coaster ride of a preterm or sick baby and to overcome the obstacles. This led to establishing EFCNI – European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants in Munich 2008 where she acts as Chairwoman and founding member. One of the major achievements of the foundation was the establishment of World Prematurity Day, the development as well as the implementation of The European Standards of Care for Newborn Health and the founding of the Global Alliance for Newborn Care (GLANCE). In times of the pandemic, GLANCE joined forces with partnering parent organisations, healthcare professionals and medical societies all over the world to develop its first global campaign “Zero Separation. Together for better care! Keep preterm and sick babies close to their parents”.
Silke Mader is Chairwoman and founding member of EFCNI as well as author and editor of many publications on topics related to maternal and newborn health and received several national and international awards and medals for her engagement.

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Silke Mader