Developing Executive Functions in Early Childhood: Key to Lifelong Learning

What is the program about?

Executive Functions are an exciting and central area of research in infant brain development. Did you know that Executive Functions are more predictive of school success than IQ? These skills are crucial for learning and development, begin to emerge in early life and are influenced by the child’s nutrition and environment.

Some of the topics included are in this program are: Factors effecting Executive Functions development; Impact of brain structure; Developmental trajectory of executive function skills; The role of nutrition in Executive Function development. The program consists in 5 modules and contains objectives, quizzes and references.

Why this program will benefit you?

The goal of this program is to support busy healthcare professionals to understand Executive Functions, how they develop, and how they are linked to lifelong learning.

The Executive Functions e-Learning Program has collated the latest science and research on Executive Functions. It aims to support the learning of Executive Functions in an easy and interactive way to all healthcare professionals working in the area of infant development. The Program can be completed at your own pace.


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