Dr Gisella Mutungi (Wyeth Nutrition)

Dr. Gisella Mutungi (Wyeth Nutrition)

Senior Scientific Affairs Manager

Dr. Mutungi’s background is in nutrition, food science and molecular genetics. Her work experience include human clinical research, basic research and development of scientific communication.

In 2011, she joined Wyeth Nutrition working in the Clinical Research team, then moved to the Nutrition Science and now the Scientific Affairs group. She works on the areas of nutrition and brain development looking at the latest science in this area.

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Dr Gisella Mutungi - Nutrition and brain development - (DHA, choline & lutein)

Nutrition and brain development - (DHA, choline & lutein)- Dr. Gisella Mutungi

Dr. Gisella Mutungi (Wyeth Nutrition)