The Nutricious and Delicious Brain (NEW!)

Infancy and early childhood are rapid and sensitive periods of cognitive and behavioral development. This cognitive development is mirrored by the changing brain structure, function, and connectivity and requires the orchestrated delivery of key nutrients, including lipids, minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients.

Baby Connectome Project: brain functional maturation (NEW!)

Throughout the process of brain functional maturation, there are both sensitive and critical periods. The sensitive period is a phase when the effects of experience and environment on the development of a specific brain function are strong; the critical period is when these effects are critically important for normal development.

Promoting Cognitive Development Through Advancing Nutrition

Providing specific quantified health burden estimates of diverse infant feeding practices that can help inform related public health policy.

Hot Topics - Medical Advances In The NICU

Discussing the medical advances in Neonatology in respiratory and neurodevelopment, late preterm outcomes, and the role of nutrition.

Prebiotics And Gut Health: Friends In Low Places

Discussing the influence of the microbiome on digestive and other illnesses and prebiotics’ role in overall health of infants, children, and adults.

Long Term Effects of Early Nutrition on Brain Development and Function

Early development and long-term function of the brain are critically dependent on adequate nutrient supply during pregnancy and early childhood.

CDC training models-Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Concerns

CDC training models to early care providers on how to monitor children’s development and communicate with their parents. CME credit available.

Bayley-III: Administration and Scoring

The administration, scoring, and interpretation of the Bayley-III components were described during this webinar.

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Academic Activities

Nourishing A Healthy Brain: What Nutrients Do Infants Need Now?

Reviewed the association of specific lipids and phospholipids with neurodevelopmental outcomes, and advances and future research in infant nutrition.


Synergistic Effects Of Human Milk Nutrients In The Support Of Infant Recognition Memory: An Observational Study (NEW!)

Studied relation of human milk lutein, choline and DHA with recognition memory. Nutrients Interactions appear important to predict infant cognition.

Food Consumption Patterns of Infants and Toddlers: Where Are We Now? (NEW!)

The data from FITS 2008 was compared to the data from 2002 and improvements and gaps in the diet of infants and toddlers were identified.


The Early Nutrition eAcademy (ENeA)


  • An Introduction to Infant Formula Feeding
  • Indications for and Effects of Infant Formula Feeding
  • Types and Composition of Infant Formula
  • Correct Formula Preparation and Bottle Feeding

USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

USDA United States Department of Agriculture food composition database for more than 8000 foods including all food groups and baby foods as well.